Be Human, Not a Zombie – Meditation

Be Human, Not a Zombie – Meditation Tip 186 – Empirical

Quick tips on Meditation that can be used to fling you back to consciousness. Meditation Tip 186 – Empirical. Try to notice today in your own experience that most of the information that you gather is outside information and very processed by all sorts of things. Empirical means starting to gather insights from within through your senses and observation. Start doing your own research empirically if you'd like to know deeper truths about all of life, it's beneficial in all areas as it's the most truest knowledge that you can receive.

The problem is that you need to learn how to do this because your mind is a complicated thing, and if you have grown up the typical way then you are always gaining knowledge through the mind, and not aware of the insights that come otherwise.

Everybody has this ability and can tough truth, its not limited to few, and know one can possess it or block you from gaining it.

Here’s to your continued wellness!

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