Top 10 Productivity Hacks To Focus Your Mind (Part 2)

Productivity Hacks To Focus Your Mind
How many of you have experienced days where you just cannot stretch your attention over the multitudes of tasks you have to complete? If you're finding it hard to focus and stay productive, use these ten mental tricks to focus your mind.


Take A Break!
Human attention and focus has its limits and no matter how disciplined you may be; you will always need to take a break. Make it a habit to move away from your desk every 45 minutes or so to stretch your legs and refocus your mind before it starts to fatigue. Of course, when I say this, I’m not implying you should take an hour break to watch your favourite drama or scroll through your Facebook timeline – just take a two-minute stroll around the office, corridors, or even around the building itself. Get some fresh air and reset your cognitive capabilities.
Work During Your “Golden Time”
Your golden time refers to the time of day when you feel the most productive. Surely you’ve heard of the phrases “Early Bird” and “Night Owl” – these are both prime metaphors for those who either prefer to wake up early and get the work done or prefer to stay up late. Take the time to contemplate when you are in your most focused state throughout each day – that time of day when you’re least distracted, and dedicate that time to your more mentally challenging tasks.
Stop Multitasking – Start Chunking
Handling many different things at once builds enormous amounts of unnecessary stress. Multitasking, while nice to be able to do well, is often damaging to our brains. By dividing your attention, not only do you work much slower, you also lower the quality of your work and end up losing productivity as a result. Instead, focus on “chunking” or breaking down your tasks into their smaller components. Knocking these tasks off your list one at a time is the fastest way to meet your goals.
Contrary to popular belief, a worthwhile meditation session doesn’t require a mountain-top, burning incense or hours of silent sitting. In fact, taking 5 minutes every now and then to just focus on your breathing may be all you need to go from distracted to focused. Just sit, whether it’s in your office chair or crossed-legged on the floor, either is okay, and breathe. Breathe deeply, try to take the breath down deep in to your abdomen with a straight back. Take your time to inhale and exhale for around 5 minutes every day. This simple exercise brings a huge wave of advantages with it and allows your brain to relax, focus and take in new information much more clearly.
Your Important Tasks Come First
By the time you’ve pulled yourself out of bed, had a shower, had breakfast and made it to work, you will be feeling awake and as energetic as you’ll ever be throughout the day, providing you’ve had a good night’s sleep. After an hour or so after coming back from lunch, your energy and productivity levels are likely to drop significantly. Because of this, take the time in the morning to focus on your most important task for the day. That way, even if you haven’t finished everything you planned to do by lunch time, you would have still put a dent in the most important or daunting task you have.

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