Shattering The Myths About Meditation

Meditation was first started by the Hindu around 1500 BCE. From then on, it has developed into a way of life, helping people get away from the daily stress and pressures of life. It has the ability to focus your thoughts, silence your mind, and center your source. There are many ways to practice meditation, including chanting mantras, breathing techniques, and listening to your thoughts. It has many positive effects to help you feel at peace with your surroundings and aspects of life.  meditation

The History Of Meditation

  • This history of meditation is thousands of years old, originating from Hindu in 1500 BCE.

  • Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cultures began practising meditation since 400 BCE.

  • Meditation is thinking in silence, sitting in a quiet place and being with your thoughts.

  • It’s training your mind for peace and calm while clearing the negative energy from within.

  • Meditation can help with stress, anxiety, and negative habits.

  • It’s become popular in the Western world in the 1970s with more and more practising every day.

  • Meditation is used in yoga classes and workshops to help improve the mind and soul.


  • Many think meditation is hard. However, you can practice meditation just by focusing on your breathing or repeating a mantra. Don’t try too hard to concentrate – it’s all about easing your mind.

  • People also think you need to completely silence or quiet your mind to meditate. This is not at all accurate. Meditation is not about silencing your mind, it’s about focusing on the thoughts that matter. Being able to control and filter out what you’re thinking is meditation.

  • It also doesn’t take a very long time for meditation to benefit your health. A study has shown that meditating for just eight weeks have helped people reduce anxiety. People have also slept better within just days of meditation.

  • People believe that they’re supposed to have a transcendent experience through meditation. Meditation isn’t actually about these experiences. It’s more about coming out of your meditation and feeling a sense of calm and peace. We are able to focus on our daily tasks better and feel more compassionate and centered to people around us.meditate2


  • There are many benefits to daily meditation. These include more positivity in your life, less stress, and a healthy body.

  • If you’re stressed or anxious, meditation can help alter the negative emotions you’re feeling.

  • It improves your concentration and control.

  • It’s also used as a tool to overcome negative habits such has drinking and smoking.

  • Meditation has also been proven to show an improved focus which can help with motivation to taking better care of yourself.

Meditation is a great way to improve your mind and body. It can be used as a tool to better your health. If you feel stressed or anxious, turn to meditation to help filter out the negative emotions and thoughts. Daily meditation can benefit your health right away as well as long-term benefits. It will increase positivity in your life and help you attain your goals.

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