Meditation Mantras Help Your Healthy Living

A mantra is a saying or a phrase that helps the mind focus to enter a deep state of meditation. Try these mantas when you’re having trouble focusing to try to control and silence your mind. As you chant the mantras, it allows your mind to experience a deeper level of consciousness. It also increases the awareness of your mind and body. Look for the meaning behind the words, and find the power that the words hold.mantra3

This translates to “It Is, Will Be or To Become.”
This is the sacred sound of Hinduism.
Pronounced like “Om” and is the most commonly used chant.

“Om Mani Padme Hum”
This translates to “Hail the Jewel in the Lotus.”
The saying comes from Tibet.
It helps reconnect you to your origin and the energy you put into the universe.

“Om Namah Shivaya”
This translates to “I bow to Shiva, the supreme deity of transformation who represents the truest, highest self.”
Chant this mantra to help build self-confidence.
We all have divine energy which will be reflected by our self-confidence.

“Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu”
This translates to “May all beings everywhere be happy and free, and may the thoughts, words, and actions of my own life contribute in some to that happiness and to that freedom for all.”
This helps to living a life to service and helping others.
Chant this mantra to help with compassion and living in a harmonious state.

“Sabbe Satta Sukhi Hontu”
This translates to “May all beings be happy.”
Chant this mantra to help with uncertainty. It will help you find your inner self and make the decisions you need when you’re unsure.

“Ra Ma Da Sa”
This translates to “the Earth, the Sun, the Ether, and the Moon” to heal and be healed.
Chant this mantra for protection for yourself or your loved ones.
This mantra has healing properties.

“I Am This”
Chant this mantra when you want to complete your goal or purpose.
Focus on the meaning and visualize yourself fulfilling your goal or purpose.

“All Is Well”
Chant this mantra for proclaiming good health and protection.
Focus on the phrase and envision improvement on your life and outlook.

“Present Moment”
Chant this mantra to focus on the present moment of being.
Focus on the words separately and reach through to the meaning of the words.
Live in the present moment, and push out the negative feelings.

“Healthy Am I, Happy Am I, Holy Am I”
Chant this mantra to bring positive energy into your life.
It will help bring you peace and purpose in the world.

“Om Shanti Shanti Shanti”
This translates to “Om, peace, peace, peace, peace to and for all.”
This chant will help to bring a sense of peace onto you and people around you.mantra2

Try chanting these mantras for when you’re feeling down or unfocused. It will help bring you calmness so you can control your mind to focus on the positive energy around you. Mantras will also help you release positive energy into your mind and body, creating an ease to you

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