Lighten Your Mood To Lower Your Stress

Do you often feel tired and irritated? Does depression sometime hit you out of nowhere? Try naturally enhancing mood lighteners instead of pills to move on. Take these easy steps for a brighter and lighter mood boost! 

Give Yourself A Happy Hour

  • If you’re feeling down, give yourself some time to think about your happy past.

  • Look at old photos of when you were happy, and think back to the events that occurred to make you laugh and smile.

  • Thinking about past positive memories can help elevate your mood. Positive emotions can have a positive impact on your feelings at the moment.

  • It removes your stress and anxiety at the moment and takes you back to a happier time.balance

Change The Negative To Positive

  • Often when you’re down, your mind tells you that you can’t do this, and you can’t do that.

  • Change that message to “I can do it!”

  • Modifying your internal messages from negative to positive can flip your mood switch.

  • Saying it out loud helps even more to ensure your belief into thoughts that you can do it.

Cuddle With A Furry Friend

  • Studies have shown that just playing with a cute pet can instantly lift your mood.

  • Puppies and kittens have been brought to many schools during exam seasons to give students a way to relieve their stress.

  • It’s been shown to lower stress levels, providing a sense of calmness and well-being. It also helps to lower blood pressure.

  • Check out your local pet store or animal shelter to spend some time playing with furry friends. 

Take Time To Meditate

  • Studies have shown people who take time every day to meditate lead a happier and calmer life.

  • Meditating helps you focus on the positive emotions you’re experiencing and translate that into your everyday actions.

  • It provides focus to your mind which helps when you’re stressed or feeling down. Your mind is trained from meditating to focus on what you need to relieve that stress.

  • Meditation includes accepting the negative and releasing them to develop clarity for your future actions.

Exercise Daily

  • A daily dose of exercise releases endorphins. These hormones are natural boosters to your mood.

  • Endorphins reduces stress and the perception of pain.

  • Try going for a daily walk in the morning to release endorphins. This will provide you with relaxation and decrease the risk of depression.laughing

Laugh Often

  • Laughter is the best form of medicine. It’s the biggest stress reliever even if you’re faking it.

  • Studies have shown that smiling and laughing, even when you don’t mean it, will activate happiness within your brain.

  • Just doing the act alone will cause your mood to match.

  • So laugh, smile, and fake it till you make it!

We all have those days where we’re feeling down and our mood is at an all time low. Doing these simple steps will help take the stress away and lift your mood. Rediscover your inner joy and happiness, and your life will feel much brighter.nostress

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