How To Be 10X More Productive (Resist Average Minute)

In this Resist Average Academy Minute, I teach you how to be 10X more productive, focused and owning your day and time no matter who or what you do.

Whether you’re a student, entrepreneur, executive or stay at home Mother — these 3 productivity hacks will change your game:

1. Never check email before 12PM. Email is a massive distraction and leads you down a rabbit hole of doing what’s urgent, but not important.

2. Go Airplane mode! Airplane mode on our phones allows us to truly do “deep work” and get focused work done that changes our game, moves our lives forward and keeps us productive.

3. Be clear about your key “rocks.” I break things down into 3 daily “big rocks” that move my business and life forward. This is not the time for email, social media, meetings or distractions.

What’s your biggest obstacle standing in your way to being productive? Post to comments below and I’ll respond.

Remember, there is no greater feeling than ending your day, looking back and being amazed at what you accomplished.

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