Is It Time To Run For Your Life?

Some people love running – they love being outside, the fresh air, and the workout. Others, like me, have always found it difficult to run, especially outside. The surrounding is a distraction, the fresh air hurts our lungs, and the workout makes our muscles extremely sore. To become a better runner, I’ve looked into tips and advice from avid runners to trainers, to find out the secret to better running. 

Run Daily

  • For runners, consistency is key. Running gets easier and easier the more you do it. Running daily will exercise your muscles as well as slow down your heart rate.

  • It will also help you lose weight. Running increases your body’s ability to burn fat.running

Be Comfortable

  • Invest in some quality running shoes and workout gear.

  • Getting a blister during the middle of your run is a sure way to kill your workout.

  • Make sure you’re wearing clothes that aren’t restricting or don’t provide enough support (a good sports bra will do the trick).

  • Keep in mind that you’ll also sweat during your run, so don’t layer up too much.

Keep A Positive Attitude

  • When you first start running, run with a positive attitude.

  • Tell yourself you can do it. If your mind is in it, your body will follow through.

  • Finishing a run is a great feeling, and you’ll want to do it again to keep up the positive vibes.

Set Goals

  • When you’re running, start setting goals.

  • For example, if you want to run 5 km, set a time goal you want to reach.

  • Continue training for that goal, and once you reach it, set a higher goal.

  • If you’re feeling tired during your run, say to yourself that you’ll run for just one more song. Once that song is over, try doing it again.

  • Setting goals is a great way to train your mind to keep going. If your mind says yes, then your body will continue.

Find Your Perfect Time

  • Some runners love running in the morning, while others like running at night.

  • After your run, reflect on how it made you feel.

  • Do you feel better running in the morning or at night? Is it harder to run on your period or days leading up to it?

  • Figure out how your body responds to your perfect time for running, and it will become easier.


  • Always make sure to stretch before and after your run. Not stretching before may cause tearing of the ligaments and other injuries.

  • Stretch after your run while your muscles are warm to increase your body’s flexibility.

  • It will also make your muscles less sore the next day.

Forget Speeding

  • Running to keep healthy is different from running or training for a race.

  • Don’t compare yourself with others. Instead, use yourself as competition.

  • Try to make improvements to better yourself instead of comparing yourself to the next runner.

  • Set your own pace and run at the speed you feel most comfortable at.

Run With Friends

  • Running can be boring if you’re constantly doing it by yourself.

  • To encourage yourself and others, find friends to run with.

  • If one of you is getting tired, the other could provide encouragement to help you continue running.

  • Find someone with the same pace as you, so you’re not forced to slow down or run faster to keep up.

Running doesn’t have to be an activity you dread every day. It can be a fun and social exercise to do by yourself or with friends. Keep in mind these tips to improve your running and lessen the risk for injury. Eventually, you’ll learn to love running.

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