You Won’t Believe What Sugar Is Doing To You

When people think of addictions, sugar usually isn’t at the top of the list. However, sugar might be one of the hardest addictions to kick.

Here’s the top 10 reasons why you should erase sugar from your life.sugar

You Want To Stay Slim

  • Sugar is a leading factor to weight gain and fatty growth.

  • High doses of fructose leads to obesity, liver disease, and type 2 diabetes.

  • It turns into fat in your body and is hard to shed off.

You Want To Have More Energy

  • Sugar gives you energy and a high, but after a few hours, you’ll have a sugar crash.

  • This leads to low energy and fatigue.

  • Candy, soda, cookies, and cake contain a ton of sugar.

  • Avoid these foods filled with processed sugars because you’ll crash and burn after you eat them.

  • Foods that offer natural sugar, like apples or bananas, won’t give you an energy crash.

You Want Healthy Teeth

  • Sugar isn’t only bad for your body, but it does damage to your teeth as well.

  • If you’re constantly eating foods that contain processed sugar, your teeth will rot over time.

  • It strips your teeth of its nutrients which will cause decay and cavities.

  • Instead of processed sugar, try easing your sugar craving with something natural such as honey or agave nectar.

You Want A Healthy Heart

  • Sugar affects your blood glucose level. When you consume too much sugar, this can cause your blood vessels to stop working properly, which can cause heart disease.

  • Studies have shown that people with a high sugar intake had a higher risk of heart attacks.

  • Sodas and sugary drinks can increase your risk of heart disease by 25%.

  • Ditch the sugary drinks and instead satisfy your craving with some freshly squeezed juice. This provides natural sugars, which won’t harm your body.

You Want A Sharp Brain

  • Researchers have shown that sugar can have a big impact on your brain.

  • It can impair cognitive function, reducing memory and responsiveness.

  • A higher intake of sugar can also lead to metabolic syndrome, a condition that can change your brain structure.

You Reduce The Risk Of Alzheimer’s, Dementia, And Depression

  • Brain-derived neurotrophic factor, aka BDNF, is a chemical produced by your brain that helps form memories.

  • Sugar reduces the production of BDNF, and people with low BDNF have been linked to Alzheimer’s and dementia.

  • Studies have also shown that people who intake more sugar have a higher risk of depression than those who rarely have sugar.

You Want Clear Skin

  • Sugar can give you acne because it triggers hormones. This can lead to inflammation of the skin.

  • A restriction of sugar to your diet can also help you keep your skin looking young.

  • Sugar reduces the natural antioxidants in your body which can lead to sun damage.

  • If you don’t want wrinkles or rough skin, cutting out sugar will do the trick.

You Want To Lose Weight

  • Sugar will turn to fat if you consume it but not burn it off right away.

  • If you eliminate sugar from your diet, you will be eating less calories.

  • It’s also usually in highly processed foods including cookies, cakes, and chocolate.

  • Try to restrict your sugar intake to natural sugars found in fruits, and eliminate processed sugars from your diet for an improvement in weight loss.

It’s probably not realistic to completely erase sugar from your life. Although its not the best for you, it also won’t kill you if you’re eating natural sugars. Highly processed foods generally contain processed sugars, which can harm your body. When you get a sugar craving, instead of turning to the junk food, try to eat fruits or honey – these sugars won’t harm your body and your health will reflect it.

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