Is Your Current Diet Killing You?

Fad diets and crash diets aren’t meant for losing weight and keeping it off. They may be a temporary fix, but it’s hurting your body and health. Shedding a couple pounds, especially if you’re overweight, can definitely help your body become more fit and healthy. However, doing it the wrong way can harm you in the long run. 

Be realistic about what you’re trying to achieve and don’t take any shortcuts. Losing weight can be tough, and you might want to take pills to help you out. But trust me, doing it the right way will give you the results you want (and you’ll feel good about it)!

Skip The Fad Diets

  • New diets are promoted everywhere – from celebrities to your TV channel networks, there will always be a new diet wherever you look.

  • Some fad diets might claim that you can lose 10 pounds in a week. Others claim you’ll get a flat tummy in 5 days. These aren’t realistic claims.

  • These diets won’t give you long-lasting results. You might see some changes within a short time period, however, these changes won’t last if you don’t continue following the diet.

  • Some fad diets requires you to take diet pills or drink certain formulas – these are the worst.

  • Intaking something that’s not natural will not help you lose weight in the long run. In fact, once you stop, you’ll gain your weight back very quickly.

  • Fad diets often require you to eat foods loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners. These might help in the short run, but your body will become unhealthy due to the buildup on toxins.

  • Realistically, when you’re losing weight from these fad diets, you’re actually just losing water weight. This means that once you start eating again, you’ll gain the weight right back. dangerousdiet

Never Starve Yourself

  • Your body’s metabolism increases and decreases based on what you’re eating and how much you’re exercising.

  • If you’re not eating or starving yourself, your metabolism will dramatically lower since it will shift to adjust to your intake amount.

  • By not eating enough, your body will shift to a higher percentage of body fat, also lowering your metabolism.

  • This may also give you diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

  • You should always be eating more than 1,200 calories a day or more.

  • Not eating enough also decreases the amount of nutrients you’re getting, making you more hungry and more likely to binge eat all at once. 

Don’t Take Supplements For Dieting

  • Vitamins and natural supplements are good if you’re not able to get enough nutrients in your body every day. However, chemically adjusted supplements and pills will harm your body because you’re basically eating toxins.

  • Supplement companies also don’t have to prove their products are safe.

  • They might seem effective at first, but in the long run, will harm your body.

Be Realistic

  • Don’t set a goal that isn’t realistic. For example, trying to lose 20 pounds in one month is not only unsafe, but also extremely unrealistic.

  • Aim to lose around 2 pounds per week. Do this by adjusting your meals and increasing your exercise time or intensity.

  • Losing weight quickly isn’t healthy – your body will lose nutrients fast and you’ll feel completely drained with little to no energy.

Give Your Scale A Break

  • Stepping on the scale every morning of every day won’t give you gratification.

  • Although your weight does matter, it’s more important to listen to how your body is feeling rather than how many pounds you weigh.

  • Your weight is more of a guideline to your health. If you want to lose 30 pounds but can’t lose more than 25, then stop there. An extra 5 pounds won’t hurt or harm you. Keep continuing your routine of eating healthy and exercise, and your body will show results.

  • Use your scale as a guide, but if you’re looking great and feeling healthy, then skip stepping on the scale.

Everything In Moderation

  • Excess exercise or intense dieting may present big problems in the future.

  • Extreme exercise can damage your muscles and bones as well as increase the risk of injury.

  • Listen to your body and give it a break from time to time. Typically a half hour to an hour of exercise every day is great. If you’re hitting the gym 5 hours a day, that’s too much.

Skip the fad diets and supplements for losing weight. Instead, change it into a healthy lifestyle. Take everything in moderation and listen to what your body is telling you. Maintaining a healthy diet and routine exercise is the best way to lose weight and keep the weight off. Fad and extreme diets are only temporary – your weight will come back and you’ll be harming your body in the long run. Develop a healthy habit, and your weight will be gone for good.

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