FAT LOSS Nutrition Tips : What Is A Balanced Diet

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What is a balanced diet? Are you confused about the conflicting information you hear daily about a balanced diet. Should you be high protein low carb like paleo? Or should you go high carb low fat ? Or high fat? When you want to know how to lose belly fat fast the internet and "experts" can be so frustrating. I want to share the truth about a balanced diet in this video.

There are both macro and micro nutrients that we need to function optimally and experience vitality and energy. They are carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals and you also need fibre too. I would also add water in here which while not seen as a nutrient is crucial to the overall picture. So why is each nutrient important?

Carbohydrates : the sole purpose of carbohydrates is for energy. Carbohydrate food sources are broken down into glucose and the body then utilises it as energy. We need energy all day to function so we need a continuous supply.

Protein : the role of protein is for muscle repair but also along with fibre it slows the release of carbohydrates. That is why you should look to have protein with carbohydrates each meal so that insulin/sugar release is slow.

Fats : these are for energy, insulation, brain and eye health

Vitamins and Minerals : need to be foundation of your nutrition and have impact on everything to do with your body and brain and key to your immune system.

What I advise clients is to see each meal as a plate and you should fill it 1/4 carbohydrates, 1/4 protein and 1/2 plate veg and salad. If you want more food have more veg and salad

one other thing is that if you ever want to eat fruit make sure that you consume it 30 mins before your meal. Fruit digests faster than other foods. Therefore it is important that you have a dinner or sandwich after fruit. Otherwise it will just sit on the other food you eat and rot and ferment.

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Fat Loss Nutrition Tips : Eat A Balanced Diet


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